Friday, 20 August 2010

Gribbling for Calneage!

With Calneage approaching, my Ally dropped by to finalise our lists.

As with last year, Calneage is a 500 point doubles competition.

The rules are the old Combat Patrol Force organisation and unit limits:
  • 500 points

0-1 HQ
0-2 Elites
1-4 Troops
0-2 Fast attack
0-1 Heavy Support

  • no 2+ saves
  • no models with more than 2 wounds (apart from swarms)
  • vehicle armour must total 33 or less
  • no special characters
  • no ordnance
I won't detail my list, as it has some exploitable holes which i'd rather my opponents couldn't buff up on before the day.

Of course, i actually did a silly thing agreeing to play tyranids at this competition. Firstly my army consisted of a trygon, trygon prime, a hive tyrant, and 4 hormagaunts. so i've actually had to buy nearly the entire 500 points in the first place. But i'm glad i did, as its really pushed me to get it done

so heres my newest additions, More Gribblies!!

Forgeworld really makes this tyranid army look the bees knees. I'm really satisfied with the unified theme of the army too.

So it's back to the painting table for me, I have LOTS to do.


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The Dormant Beast Awakens

Still reeling from the virus attacks, Borlina was plunged into an unending war with chaotic daemons and renegade guardsmen fighting to destroy any sign of the emperors influence over the once royal and aristocratic planet.

The Lucky 88th along with the local Astartas chapters began to make some headway. once the mighty fortress palace of Borlingrav was recaptured, Reinforcements could be brought into the planet, boosting the Regiments of the unofficial PDF under the watchfull eye of the commissariat.

Things no longer looked bleak for the diseased hell hole, fortifications were being construced and the planet was regaining the emperors will.

Maybe the sheer optimism of the imperial troops drew the dormant hive fleet in or another one of Inquisitor Payne's dubious experiments buried forever under the great palace'smain chambers. Who can say. All we know is a tentacle of the great devourer has made it to the outer reaches of the cadian gate.

Due to borlin's unusually high number of malanthropes and rippers it is believed to be a remnant of an ancient hive fleet long destroyed, Hive Splinter Borlin is comprised mainly of the "clean up" elements of an average hive fleet. Entirely obsessed with gorging itself to capacity by means of teeth, claws and digestive acids. Ranged weapons hardly ever feature in their ranks, only slithering, gibbering rows of blades occasionally spitting venomous sprays and toxic bile to aid the digestion of their foe.